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This Manifestation Productivity Journal was designed by Isabella who is the Founder of SATYA ÈN RO, Isabella created the journal with men and women in mind, she wanted to share her vision and the practices she used to improve her life and mindset. 
This Journal will help you improve your life , especially if you suffer from anxiety, depression or you procrastinate and seem to always miss your goals.  With this journal you will learn how to manifest the life of your dreams, whether you want to manifest money, love or success. But you will have to put work in and stick to the plan. Isabella provided helpful manifestation prompts and mindset exercises to help you get  what you want , build discipline and improve your mental health. 

The manifestation planner includes an introduction into manifestation, how you can practice manifestation and methods to incorporate this into your everyday routine.
Apart from that it includes :

* Gratitude guide * Goal/ Money tracker 
* Why’s exercise * Mood boards *Weekly planner *Daily activities planner *Raise your vibration exercise and mood board *Money blocks exercise 

The Journal/ planner consists of single 176 pages, if you decide to print it out I would suggest to print it double sided. 

This journal is designed to target all areas of your life, helping you raise your vibration and bring your desires into reality. This is the perfect planner for those who are struggling with sticking with their plan, suffer from anxiety, depression or procrastinate or who is just beginning to learn manifestation, or a manifestation gift for your friends and family. 

This Journal / Planner offers you space to use for 3 months, you can plan your daily activities as well as practice gratitude, the journal is combined on purpose to help you live your life that way. So whether you want to plan your daily chores in, that is up to you. 

Options available

• digital printable 

• paper copy - LAUNCHING SOON !