We have got your back.

We felt it was a problem, other women told us it was a problem. Now we have found a solution.

Instead of creating products and then solving the problems that arise, we created a product that will last and if problem arise you will be able to solve them at your convenience, thanks to our removable and changeable revolutionary inner linings.

Each year we dump 2.12 billion tonnes of waste, this is because 99% of what we buy is thrown away within 6 months.

We promote handbags sustainability and hygiene, with our revolutionary inner linings your beloved handbag will last longer.



Revolutionary design.

We design with functionality and durability in mind. We don't follow trends and instead create timeless, trend-proof accessories that work for all seasons. Our handbags with revolutionary inner linings disrupt fashion world.


Our design approach is zero waste. 

We start our design process asking questions about what happens to our bags at the very end of their life. In addition to incorporating removable inner linings in SATYA ÈN RO products can be changed and washed, we strive for every part of the bag to be recyclable when it's no longer repairable. 


We love cultures.

We make SATYA ÈN RO partially by hand in Britain, in Europe or even further ! We love cultures and love to support women in business. We have deep love for quality pieces. We try to minimise carbon footprint.