Revolutionary inner liners


A world first  handbags with removable, replaceable and washable inner linings.

Whether you are jetting off to the coast of Amalfi, or living your incredibly busy life in the city or traveling for work- our bags will make your life easier and more fun !

The bag you use to carry your stuff to work and around on weekend adventures is one of the worst breeding grounds for bacteria you own, both inside and out.

We all done that..

  • spilled makeup goes everywhere and you can’t wash it off
  • food stains after bringing your food to work 
  • used tissues 
  • old receipts
  • coins change that was handled by thousands of people before you
  • work shoes.. 
  • sweaty gym clothes, because we can’t be bothered taking separate bag with us..
  • wet or dry umbrella

 The list goes on..

 Take a peek inside your bag, when was the last time you cleaned it?

The inner lining is full of dead skill cells, mucus-borne bacteria and more. Your cosmetics bag has the germiest contents, by the way.

 We got you !

 Our inner linings are made from recycled materials are easily removable, washable and most importantly, you can buy a replacement linings for your bag.

With our revolutionary inner linings your handbag won’t lose value when you ruin the inner lining!

 You can choose from variety of different colours, whichever suits your mood!