Zero waste & minimum packaging.

It’s time to take responsibility for our actions. As a brand we wanted to offer bespoke packaging for our lovely customers, we didn’t get it right. And we apologise. It is difficult sometimes to find trustworthy manufacturer which will supply all important certificates and support their claims. We decided to take a step back and look at our packaging consumption and how it affects our earth.  We needed to put ourselves in your shoes for a bit, and we are happy to announce minimum packaging and zero waste. 
As previously our handbags would be beautiful wrapped in a branded tissue paper and a dust bag then placed in a box and then the box was wrapped in a paper and finished off with branded ribbon, all that sounds great but it is a bit too much ! 
Although the boxes were magnetic and were reusable on purpose, We used too much paper! 

Great news! 

We have partnered with U.K. manufacturer to create eco friendly made from double craft paper envelopes,  for our outer packaging. 
This envelope is reusable, made from recycled paper, you can reuse it for crafts or other ideas!
Our dust bags received little makeover too, al our dust bags are made from 100% natural cotton. You can reuse them to store your bags or other items in them.  Our dust bags are compostable, cotton is sustainable and bio degradable. 

Let’s all take a step back and think how can we save our planet.