Why should you clean your handbag ?

A study revealed  that more than 95 percent of handbags harbor some kind of bacteria. If that wasn’t bad enough, viruses can live on handbag surfaces for hours or even days at a time. The bag you use to carry your stuff to work and around on weekend adventures is one of the worst breeding grounds for bacteria you own, both inside and out.

We have all been there, let’s be honest. 

Those work shoes you carry inside your handbag, make up, food , old coins change, old receipts, sweaty gym wear because you don’t want to carry another bag- and we don’t blame you! Your water bottle which you put everywhere and then you carry it in your handbag, wet or dry umbrella, old used tissues - all of that is adding to the bacteria which you do not want to spread. 

Apart from the obvious, some stains and marks can permanently ruin the liner in your handbag. Sometimes it is impossible to clean the liners on your own and you might have to take it to the professionals, which is quite pricey.

Our handbags feature pull out interior and removable, washable & replaceable liner. 

Incase you spill something inside, our revolutionary interior saves you money and time on fixing it!
Thanks to our signature removable inner linings your handbag won’t loose its value, simply purchase replaceable liner from SATYA ÈN RO and change it in your handbag! Your handbag will be like new ! 

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