Statistics are showing that the average handbag is dirtier than a toilet seat, giving your precious handbag a spring clean is a great idea.

We put makeup, dirty tissues, loose change, food, gym clothes etc in our daily bags, it’s not surprising that Initial Washroom Hygiene’s revealed that handbags are the hive of germs – and hand cream is the worst culprit of them all.

Follow those steps to wash your linings.


1. Wash Satya || RO linings.

Take out the lining, put it in hot water with washing powder. Hand wash it. 
To tackle stubborn stains, you can use Vanish and with a help of soft sponge you can slowly massage the stain. Rinse it with warm water. Hand it to air dry, you can also use hairdryer for a quicker drying result.

Do not use nail brush to get off any stains of your lining, it will ruin the fabric. 

2. Wash your handbags fixed in lining.

Pull the lining out, use warm water with soap and use sponge to carefully wash the lining. Make sure you rinse of the lining, soap water can leave marks! If you ever spot cleaned your sofa you know what I mean! If your handbag is made of leather be extra careful,  do not wet the leather. If your handbag is made of a fabric be careful not to leave any soap stains on it too. If your handbag had any metal detail dry it out if you wet it by accident, the hardware might stain. 

Carry handbags not bacteria! Another really good reason as to why you should clean your linings is, if you ever wanted to resell your handbag,  you have bigger chances to do that if your handbag interior is clean ! 

Enjoy !