With germs spreading like wildfire and the world going to meltdown over the current pandemic that we will not mention by name cough cough, we thought it is necessary to talk about how clean are our handbags. 

 If you’re using a bag day in and out, it is only natural that there will be a growth of nasty bacteria without you even realising. A little unknown fact is that our handbags contain more bacteria than the average toilet seat! 

Just think about the things you put in your handbag like food ( spilled drink or your sandwich), makeup, your shopping items which were touched by many people before you bought them, your receipts, your shoes, your keys or bank card, your pens ! The list is long! 

Remember your bag is not a dustbin, make sure you avoid throwing any rubbish, old receipts and unnecessary items in your handbag.
It is not only the bags themselves that harbour thousands of antibodies, it is the items we are carrying with us on a day to day basis. Our mobile phones are the top contenders, with over 25,000 germs on average.

So, just think about the gym bags.. Your backpack  or your child school bag ..  Ewww! 

Now, think about what’s been going on inside your handbag? Can you still find some cookie crumbs ? An old tissue maybe ? When was the last time you CLEANED your handbag inside?
NEVER? Oh, this answer doesn’t surprise me! 

I have asked my followers and my friends, how often they clean their bags, and they all said 100% NEVER! 

Next time you touch your face or your mouth, think about all this bacteria you are transfering from your bag. Now that spot you got on your face the other day might have not be as random anymore!


SATYA||RO created handbags that are the answer to this and many other problems we are facing with our handbags, gym bags and school bags!

Dirty handbags, clean new linings , protect from bacteria.



Our handbags come with changeable detachable linings you can change anytime you want ! 

Our luxury linings are made of water resistant polyester, you can choose from three different colours! 

 Did you know ? One in five handles are carrying enough bacteria to cause illness. Satya and Ro collections benefits from adjustable shoulder woven strap, you can add and remove when you want and ofcourse you can wash it too! So germs FREE! 

 Adjustable removable shoulder strap,black and cream strap. Satya and ro.



Love your linings how you love your health, in current global pandemic we really have to go the extra mile to protect our health. Study shown that the bacteria found in our handbags and school bags can make us ill, it can cause flu or even vomitting. 

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